Holmium Laser Hire



What is included in the hire?

  • Qualified and experienced laser safety officer.
  • Serviced and functioning Holmium Laser, 100W or 20W.
  • Laser fibres (multiple sizes and spares).
  • Spare foot pedal and blast shields.
  • All safety equipment and laser safety signs if needed.
  • Morcellator, hand piece and blades.
  • Spare morcellator and hand piece.
  • Necessary documentation.


Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate - HoLEP provides immediate relief from obstruction and removing the need to insert a catheter.
The use of the laser provides excellent haemostasis and reduced post operative complications. This leads to shorter hospital stays (often day cases) and overall reduced costs.


 The Holmium wavelength is unrivaled in the fragmentation of ureteric and bladder calculi regardless of the composition of the stone - even difficult cystine and monohydrate stones.
Local anesthesia can be used if general is deemed unnecessary. All types of stones can be fragmented to the point where they will pass reducing the need for re-treatment.


There are numerous orthopaedic procedures, such as Laser Assisted - Capsular Shift, and many other arthoscopic applications including synovectomy, meniscectomy and chondroplasty would make the Holmium:YAG laser system an invaluable addition to the armamentarium of any Orthopaedic Directorate.



Small superficial tumours in the bladder or ureter can be destroyed with the use of a Holmium Laser under local anesthesia. Larger bladder carcinomas can be resected and are often completed under general anesthesia as day case surgery.


 Many E.N.T consultants believe dacryocystorhinostomies (DCR's) as a complex and time consuming procedure which will leave the patient hospitalised. However with the use of one of a Holmium Laser, the surgical length is greatly reduced and the patient can undergo just local anesthetic resulting in discharge on the same day due to excellent haemostasis.
Other procedures include tonsillectomy's and several bronchial procedures.