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Established for over 20 years

Urolase are an established holmium laser hire service with incredible experience. Urolase offers hospitals the opportunity to hire state of the art Holmium Laser systems. The initial cash outlay for such equipment often makes them an unfeasible option, by hiring us much needed capital can become available up for other needs.

The laser hire includes a fully trained technician and Laser Safety Officer who will be on hand to answer any questions from staff and operate the holmium Laser.

The laser hire includes everything your hospital will need, for a full list, please click here.

Why Urolase?


Our technicians have decades of experience with thousands of procedures completed.


When a booking is made with Urolase, that booking will always be attended.


We understand that bookings may come in last minute and we will do our utmost to provide you with everything needed.

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